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Hi! One of our main goals here at Hot Metal Arts Collective is to meet and work with new actors and playwrights in and around New York. We are constantly in search of new collaborators in the hopes of expanding our community of artists. If you would like to work with us, please take a look at the available opportunities below, or feel free to drop us an e-mail with any general inquiries. 


BLACKBOX PLAYLIST  seeking writers and actors

BLACKBOX PLAYLIST is a fun and eclectic anonymous theater project featuring 16 actors performing 8 shorts plays inspired by 1 badass music playlist. Here's how it works:

A guest curator selects 8 songs, and then we ask 8 writers to write 8 short plays based on those songs. Then, we cast 16 actors and asked them to memorize their lines. However, we do NOT tell them who their scene partners were or arrange any rehearsals. We simply tell them to memorize the script word-for-word, and show up to the performance. That's when the real fun starts...

At the performance, the actors show up to the theater and sit in the audience. At the beginning of each scene, the song that inspired it begins playing, and the two actors - who have NEVER met - have the length of the song to set up the stage, discuss the play, practice, prepare, etc. But once the song finishes - whether they're ready or not - the lights dim and the show begins! 

If you would like to be considered for a future production of BLACKBOX PLAYLIST, please submit via the links below.



ONE DAY READING SERIES — seeking in-process and un-produced plays

We regularly host readings of new works, written by up-and-coming-writers and cast with talented actors. These performances are put together entirely in one day, with the director and actors rehearsing in the hours leading up to the public reading. A talkback follows where the work is discussed in a supportive environment — all in the spirit of developing new work. 

If you have a new work you’d love to develop, please submit via the link below. (Plays can be any length. Shorter pieces may paired with others in a single performance.) 




We currently do not accept unsolicited play submissions for workshops or productions. If you are interested in having your work produced at Hot Metal Arts Collective, we ask that you first submit the piece for consideration as part of our ONE DAY READING SERIES


GENERAL INQUIRIES — including volunteer and tech opportunities

Want to introduce yourself and get involved? Send us an e-mail at!